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Disinfection channel X-24


The spraying angle, channel width are adjustable, can set the machine thoroughly spray all angle, all area of the target.

Simple installation, when ship machine, we will supply the detail installation video, installation photo show customer in detail to install the machine, make sure no problem for customer, the machine will be packing into 4 packing carton for transport to customer.

We only choose the best production material, such as stainless to produce the stand, pipeline, control box,

We only choose best anti-corrosive material such as all seals, gaskets in contact with chemicals solution are made of Teflon and Viton.

X-24 Vehicle Disinfection Channel  Control mode: Can set manual or automatic control for set machine spraying,
Can set any required spraying time for disinfect the target.

The unit have been equipped with electric heating device, before use machine, the unit can warm up the chemicals, ensure it do not frozen in very cold winter, such as use in Russia, after use, the machine will automatically discharge all residual chemicals inside the machine and all chemicals pipeline, make sure it does not freezing, so customer can convenient to use in next time.

Out of stock


Technical specification

Motor power

2.2 KW, AC 380V (220V, Optional)

Nozzle number


Flow rate

300 L/h

Standard Installation dimension

5600 × 5220 × 2782 mm (Optional)


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