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ULV cold fogger R-4P


Truck-mounted ULV Cold Fogger R-4P with excellent atomization, quick diffusion, Truck mounted ULV cold fogger creates dense fog penetrate into spaces and lingers in air for longer time.
Mounted on truck, small can mount on any vehicle, machine pedestal also equipped with wheel, can pulley while spraying.

Equipped with remote control system to operate the unit from driver cabin, avoid exposure to chemicals.

Adjustable spray heads ensure spraying direction is variable,

Manual control type: Swivel 360 degree both horizontally, 180 degree vertically.
Remote control type: Automatically swivel 360 degree horizontally, 180 degree vertically.


Truck-mounted ULV Cold Fogger can spray all type o chemicals, used for public health protection, disinfection, vector control, pest control, crops protection,

Out of stock


Technical specification

Engine Single cylinder, upright, air cooled, 4stroke diesel engine.
Power(kW/rpm) 6.3kw / 8.5hp
Start up mode Electric, 12V
Fuel tank 16L, diesel
Fan High pressure centrifugal fan
Blower Direct drive, positive displacement rotary type      , Air volume >30000 L/min
Air pressure(Pa) >3500
Atomizing type Highly speed swirl air pressure
Particle size(micron) 90%<50μm
Flow rate 50-300 L/h, adjustable.
Standard chemicals tank 50L, optional
Dimensions (L x W x H) 66X121X117 cm
Net weight 200 kg


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